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Nia Mulan

Hey Doll! Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my profile. A little about me:  I am a 22 year old celebrity makeup artist, beauty influencer, and “#Crayoncutie” located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve been doing makeup professionally for a little less than two years now, working hard to expand my brand and my name in the beauty industry. I’ve been sponsored by and/or worked with a number of notable beauty influencers and brands, including The Crayon Case founded by CEO @supa_cent, Benefit Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Black Radiance, and more! I've been into makeup since I was a little girl.. soon enough I realized what makeup did, and still to this day, does for me. I have always found makeup to be my scapegoat! Makeup allows me to be expressive- I feel creative, I feel confident, I feel BEAUTIFUL. Whether I'm doing crazy, colorful, bloody sfx makeup looks to a simple, soft beat, Makeup means so much more to me than a career. I  love seeing the expression on my clients face after just one session with me! My only goal is to enhance the natural beauty that we all possess and relay to the world that there are absolutely no boundaries to beauty... one beat at a time. I hope to work with you soon!

xo, Nia.

(Photo by Chevy Smith Photography of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Client Tutorial

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